Still waiting for IL Energy Legislation!

After failing to pass clean energy legislation before the end of spring session on May 31st, Governor Pritzker called a special session to once again push for passing an energy bill on June 15th. In Illinois, special sessions require a supermajority vote. Unfortunately there were last minute issues related to the closure of fossil fuel power plants. As a result, legislators did not call the bill to vote and the negotiating teams continue to work on resolution between labor and environmentalists. This leaves Illinois without a much needed bill for solar incentives, creating clean energy jobs, and addressing the climate crisis.

What is in the solar portion of the bill? There were a lot of expected changes in the bill, including:

  • Blocks of 75MW in each category will launch within 90 days after the bill’s effective date
  • Pricing for the next Blocks will adhere to the previously published Block prices:
    • Residential – Block 4 ($64.56/REC)
    • Commercial – Block 5 (prices vary based on system size)
  • Pricing for future blocks to be based on the next version of the Long Term Renewable Resources Plan
  • Residential sizing increased to 25kW (previously capped at 10kW)
  • Commercial sizing increased to 5,000kW (previously capped at 2,000kW)
  • Commercial projects may require prevailing wage labor (TBD)
  • Projects on the waitlist are exempt from program changes
  • There is still momentum around a clean energy bill and we are optimistic that something will pass by the end of August. Even if you have already contacted you legislators, now is a good time to remind them of the urgency of passing a clean energy bill.

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