Solar 101

Solar is simple! As the sun shines, the solar panels produce electrons that are captured by wires in the modules.  These are connected to an inverter where the electricity is turned from DC to AC and then fed to your home electric panel.  If you make more electricity than you need, the energy is fed back to the grid and credited on your electric bill (called "Net Metering").  For more information - see the FAQ page.  
Solar systems are fully automatic and require very little maintenance.

To get started, we will conduct a technical site survey in order to: 

  • Fine tune panel layout looking for obstacles and solutions, 
  • Identify a path to bring power from the roof to the electrical panel,
  • Strategize electrical interconnection options into your electric panel, 
  • Confirm web monitoring options to track online performance.

For new construction projects, we will work with your architect or GC to incorporate solar into the design of your home.

Learn More

 Want to attend a public workshop to learn more?  Check out our calendar for dates and locations when we will be presenting on solar in communities around Illinois.