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Like any project, knowing where to start can be daunting. We are here to help families and businesses save energy costs and reduce their carbon usage by investing in clean energy. We work to educate customers on their purchase and support them after they have decided to go solar.

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check your Solar Potential

Solar may sound complicated, but it's not! The first step is to look at your address on satellite. If a satellite can see your roof, so can the sun! We look for trees, obstacles on the roof, tilt, and orientation to determine if you are a good candidate. Curious? Try out Project SunRoof for a unique view! (not available in all of Illinois yet)


Set your baseline

Send us your electric bill. We want to know your energy needs and rates to accurately predict your offsets and potential savings.  


make a smart investment

We will customize a solution that fits your budget and maximizes your investment. Customers are often motivated by the environment but ultimately buy solar because it makes good financial sense!


let us do the rest

Once you decide to go solar, we do it all: fine tune the design, pull the permit, get permission from ComEd and secure your state incentives! The hardest part for you is signing your name!

What are the warranties for key equipment?

What kind of maintenance is required?

Do I need a new roof? how do you prevent roof leaks?

Standard solar panels have a 25-year panel output warranty. However, as panels degrade slightly over time, it is important to select those with the lowest degradation rates. We believe that quality matters and only select the top-tier equipment with annual losses of no greater than 0.25% - 0.5%. 

Our commitment to quality extends to the inverter as well, the brains of the operation. Depending on the project parameters, we pair systems with Enphase Microinverters (25-year warranty) or SolarEdge inverters  (12-year warranty) with Optimizers (25 \-year warranty).  Extended warranties can be purchased for SolarEdge equipment.  

The condition of your roof is important when looking to install solar. In general, a roof should not be older than 5-7 years before you install solar. It may be a good idea to have a roofer give you a professional opinion if you are unsure.

The Solar will protect the areas covered from the harmful UV rays and weather but starting with a good surface is always wise. 

As for leaking - it is important to go with an installation team that has a solid track record and reliable flashing strategy. Our design team can show you samples when at your home. Whether a pitched or flat roof, we will apply the right solution to give you peace of mind.

Very little. Like all major equipment for your home, we suggest conducting regular inspections every few years. Panels typically do not need to be washed and we don't recommend snow removal during the winter unless in extreme conditions.

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Are there federal tax credits??

Yes! The Inflation Reduction Act extended both residential and commercial tax credits until 2033, the longest commitment the country has made to clean energy.  Businesses are also able to claim depreciation. Tax credits are so easy you can do them in TurboTax!

What is Net Metering?

Do I need a permit?

What is a REC (Renewable Energy Credit)?

Net Metering is an agreement between a solar owner and the utility, crediting owners for excess solar generation. In Illinois, residential systems receive a 1:1 credit for energy sent to the grid. If solar generation exceeds grid usage, a kWh credit is banked for the next month. These energy credits roll from month to month, much like a cellphone rollover, but they cannot roll from year to year.  

We will work with you to properly size your array and make sure you fit within the utility guidelines as solar cannot generate more than 110% of historic usage and still participate in net metering.

IMPORTANT CHANGE by 2025: Illinois Net Metering rules are scheduled to change in December 2024.  To control your destiny, we recommend installing solar prior to be grandfathered into one of the best net metering programs in the country.

The state uses a tool called a “Renewable Energy Credit” or REC to compensate system owners for the clean attributes of their solar generation. One REC is generated for every 1,000 kWh of solar energy produced. Owners enter into a 15-year agreement to sell RECs based on anticipated solar production regardless of how much power is used or net metered. We will complete the registration between system owners and Approved Vendors, a 3rd party that will monitor and manage REC contract. All Bright Solar has partnered with Carbon Solutions Group to facilitate this role as they have national experience and are dedicated to making the IL program successful for customers and the state.   

Note:  This is taxable revenue and a 1099 will be issued by Carbon Solutions Group as payments are processed.  

Yes, but we will do it all for you! Both your local building department and the utility require a solar permit be issued and inspected before the array can operate legally. This is where our expertise comes in as we have over a decade experience working locally in the Chicago area. We've got this!

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"excellent value-added services to make our experience easy and cleaR"

 I had been delaying the decision to go solar for 10 years. Up until 2019, street-facing solar was disallowed by the City, and due to Park Ridge becoming a SolSmart community, this ordinance was changed to allow street-facing panels.

Also, my roof had little sun much of the day, due a mature silver maple (6’ Diameter trunk) on our parkway. In September, the City inspected this maybe 100-year-old tree on the parkway (City property) and said it had to come down. I was saddened by this loss, but was told there was nothing we could do, so I went in the house and called Lisa Albrecht to get a PV installation quote. A few weeks later, my street- facing roof was rocking panels, and we were connected to the grid, net metering.  (...) Lisa provided excellent value-added services to make our experience easy and clear – sizing the system, managing Celestar Solar, taking care of the paperwork and regularly providing key event updates.  We are proud of our investment and are enjoying monitoring energy production, greenhouse gas reduction and net metering savings.


value, experience, communication

"You can have confidence that your project will be done right, on budget and on time."

Excellent company to work with. Very knowledgeable about the Solar industry and State of Illinois regulations/requirements, they handled all the paperwork permits, construction scheduling, etc.. They answered all my questions in a timely manner. You can have confidence that your project will be done right, on budget and on time.


knowledgeable, prepared, experienced

"She answered all my questions-and got answers when she didn't know."

Lisa provides a very in-depth service. Starting from the initial design phase, where she was careful to address both myself and my wife. (Other contractors failed in this area.) She answered all my questions-and got answers when she didn't know. Her careful monitoring of the install process and follow-up afterward was exceptional. She knows her install crew and it shows. Definitely a big step up from the "solar carpetbaggers" which have descended on the Chicago area recently drawn by the generous rebates and incentives. For those of us on the ComEd RRTP (Residential Real Time Pricing) plan, she is knowledgeable of the arbitrage opportunities it presents. I have recommended her to many people, including my own family.


Quality, Responsiveness, Value

 "she personally monitors all systems she installs. "

"I have had my solar panels since June, 2019 and LOVE using the sun's energy to power my home as well as my EV. I chose All Bright Solar over the competition after meeting the owner, Lisa. She had years of experience in the solar industry, and took the time to come to my home and explain all the details involved in permitting and installation. Equally important to me was the fact that she is an active member of Climate Reality Chicago and truly cares about our climate future. The installers were fantastic! They worked efficiently and competently as a team and were friendly and personable in the process. After installation, Lisa has continued to be involved. She was the first person to notice a performance problem with my system because she personally monitors all systems she installs. She then made sure my system was up and running asap. Lisa made sure I received all the credits available for my system and my system will pay for itself in 6 years. That's twice as fast as panel installation in other states that I have researched so NOW is the time to do this."




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