Solar Updates in Illinois

With 10 days remaining in the legislative session, here is a quick update:

You may have seen some news on Springfield progress as the Tribune, Sun-Times, other news agencies are all focused on energy. Essentially there are multiple bills, including the Path to 100 and the Clean Energy Jobs Act, that will likely be merged into an omnibus energy bill. Talks are ongoing and representatives from solar, environmental groups, labor, and minority communities are all at the table along with Exelon and other fossil companies. The governor came out with a bill late in the process with focus on new areas not in any of the previous legislation. With a loudly ticking clock, we are optimistic something will pass and hope it is the full package. Key drivers at this point are to reinstate the Solar Renewable Energy Credit and provide funding for the nuclear plants. There are some “back-up” plans to pass fixes for these issues if the larger negotiation is not successful. In that case, talks would continue over the summer with the goal of passing the big drivers in the Clean Energy Jobs Act and other interests in a special session. Everyone is still very focused on getting this across the finish line now!

I will post an update as things progress. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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