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Home Owners Insurance with Solar

Spring is always a good time to look at your insurance policy. I recommend, if you haven’t already, contacting your insurance agent to ensure your solar is covered. I have only heard of small increases, if any, in fees but it is wise to make sure this is up to date. They will likely want to know system size and the installation price. This can be found in your printed Owner’s Manual. Call or email us directly if they ask anything deeper.

True story, in the summer of 2020 one of our customers called after his house was severely damaged in a hail storm. The roof, siding and even some of the screens and windows were destroyed – the solar remained intact.  It did need to come down for repairs on everything else but we quickly had the system up and running again after all other trades completed their work. Thank goodness for the insurance listing on the solar as the labor expense was covered for the removal and reinstallation.

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