Solar FAQ's


What are the warranties for key equipment?

 Standard solar panels have a 25 year panel output warranty. However, as panels degrade slightly over time, it is important to select those with the lowest degradation rates. We believe that quality matters and only select the top tier equipment with annual losses of no greater than 0.26% - 0.5%. 

Our commitment to quality extends to the inverter as well, the brains of the operation.  Our typical inverter selection has a 12 year warranty but extended warranties can be requested at the time of sale.  

Do I need a new roof? And how do you prevent my roof from leaking?

The condition of your roof is important when looking to install solar.  In general, a roof should not be older than 5-7 years before you install solar. It may be a good idea to have a roofer give you a professional opinion if you are unsure. The solar will protect the areas covered from the harmful UV rays and weather but starting with a good surface is always wise. 

As for leaking - it is important to go with an installation team that has a solid track record and reliable flashing strategy.  Our design team can show you samples when at your home.  Whether a pitched or flat roof, we will apply the right solution to give you peace of mind. 

What kind of maintenance is required?

Very little. Like all major equipment for your  home, we suggest conducting regular inspections every few years.  Panels typically do not need to be washed  and we don't recommend shoveling snow off during the winter.

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering is an agreement between a solar owner and the utility to take back your excess energy generation. In Illinois systems can over produce and roll energy credits from month to month but not from year to year. We will work with you to properly size your array and make sure you fit within the utility guidelines.

NOTE: Every time you change energy suppliers, you must apply for net metering with the new utility. Therefore, you may want to stick with the same supplier once your solar has been installed. 

What is a REC (Renewable Energy Credit)?

A Renewable Energy Credit is a tool for compensating system owners for the clean energy attributes for their solar generation. One REC equals 1,000 kWh that an array produces.  Illinois has a new REC program that is currently in the final stages of development. REC prices were published on June 4, 2018 and the program should launch around January 2019.  Systems can be installed prior to launch date although there are still a few unknowns around the program.

Do I need a permit?

Yes! Both your local government and the utility require a solar array to be permitted and inspected before it can operate legally.  This is where our expertise comes in as we have over a decade experience working locally in the Chicago area. We've got this!

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